For 15 years and counting, Heye Frequency founders Rome Green Jr. and Cameron Miller have evoked laughter and chronicled personal growth through creative content. They are two of the founding members of Dormtainment, a comedy collective that garnered a cult following on YouTube in the 2010s. They kept their community entertained and uplifted during the height of the Pandemic and beyond with their weekly podcast Comedy Traphouse. And as they expanded into new ventures, like launching an e-commerce brand and building financial literacy, they invited audiences to learn with them through Boss Talk podcast. Their platforms have amassed millions of subscribers and yielded partnerships and appearances with Kevin Hart’s LOL Network, Comedy Central, and more.

With Heye Frequency, the co-creators add another layer to their legacy, combining elevated production with the candid dialogue and humor they're known for. Watch the new channel to inspire your creativity and wellbeing.


Co-Founder, Chief Visionary Officer

Rome Green Jr.

North Carolina native, Rome Green Jr. has cultivated a dynamic career as an entertainer, entrepreneur, creative director, and writer. While he's become a familiar source of comic relief to millions of viewers in both original and commercial content, Rome is rapidly expanding his influence in the realms of personal development and creative consulting. In his fast-growing weekly newsletter, he shares nuggets of wisdom from his own personal growth journey. Rome lends his superpowers in storytelling, ideation, and dot-connecting to fuel Heye Frequency's growth and momentum.

IG: @iromealot

Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer

Cameron Miller

Bahamian-born and Miami-raised, Cameron Miller is a multi-faceted creator who's wired to think outside the box. A travel enthusiast, Cam sees the whole world as a source of inspiration, which can be spotted in the versatility of his design choices at every touch point. Cameron leads the art direction at Heye Frequency, ensuring we always seek to raise the bar on our creative outputs.

IG: @camfromdt

Chief Executive Officer

Briaan L. Barron

For over a decade, Briaan has built full-stack brand ecosystems for forward-thinking consumer companies across industries. From e-commerce giants to innovative startups to indie creative leaders, she helps brands break ground with impact and authenticity. Known by her online community as the Brand Whisperer, Briaan is a vocal advocate for creative liberty and career autonomy. At Heye Frequency, she's the guardian of brand identity and communication, the stewardess of strategy, and the ultimate organizer.

IG: @briaanbarron